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Choosing a Floor Lamp For Nursery

Floor lamps are a great way to provide soft light in a nursery. They come in a variety of styles and are suitable for almost any decorating scheme. If you are looking to replace your current lamp, then you should consider the different types available. The most important consideration is whether you can adjust the

Dform Lighting – The Light Fixture of the Borough

The dform lights isn’t the only thing on the company’s ilk. Dform does a brisk trade in custom lighting solutions, and the company isn’t exactly shy about sharing its wares. The company’s offerings are among the most unique and impressive in the borough. Founded in 2001, dform lighting has grown to be a formidable competitor

GUBI Lighting – Classic Design From the Past Reimagined For the Modern Age

GUBI lighting embodies classic design from the past, reimagined for the modern age. This Danish design house has a rich history spanning almost 100 years. Today, GUBI is an internationally recognized design house that is based in Copenhagen. The company’s core philosophy is to create timeless designs that evoke emotion and interest. The company is