Dance Moms’ “Chandelier” Dancer

When Dance Moms dancer Maddie Ziegler got the call to appear in Sia’s music video for her hit song “Chandelier” in 2014, she logically assumed that a chandelier would play a significant role. The 11-year-old dance phenom’s performance in the viral hit music video skyrocketed her fame and led to her appearing in other music videos for Sia, including “Elastic Heart” featuring Shia LaBeouf and “Big Girls Cry,” as well as the singer’s directorial debut film, Music. Her work with Sia has earned her millions of views on YouTube and tons of sponsorship opportunities.

Despite her young age, Ziegler has managed to remain true to herself and develop into a talented performer with her own unique style. She’s been praised by critics for her awe-inspiring talent and is also a vocal advocate for those on the autism spectrum, having even penned an open letter to parents of kids with special needs. 88off

In the “Chandelier” music video, which was directed by Daniel Askill and produced by Sia, Ziegler is portrayed as a girl who is struggling to find her place in the world. As she swayes in her room, the music builds up to a point where it sounds like the chandelier is about to fall down and crush her. Then, as if in a dream, she moves from one room to another in her house with different chandeliers hanging from each room.

The scenes are shot in a darkly eerie manner that is both mesmerizing and haunting, capturing the essence of the song’s lyrics. The swaying movements of the chandelier mirror the singer’s erratic, emotional vocals, while the various rooms in the house serve as metaphors for aspects of her life. The video has become a classic and a must-see for anyone who is looking to be mesmerized by dance.

The “Chandelier” music video and its many subsequent appearances have garnered millions of views on YouTube for Ziegler, which has made her a hugely popular dancer with plenty of endorsement opportunities. The teen has been a constant collaborator with the Australian singer ever since, appearing on her tours and in music videos for Sia’s latest hits.

Sia and reoccurring dancer Maddie Ziegler team up once again for her music video for “Cheap Thrills,” which was directed by Daniel Askill. The pair have partnered several times in the past, with Ziegler having previously starred in Sia’s “Chandelier,” “Elastic Heart” and “Big Girls Cry.”

In the new music video, the two are paired up again as they are filmed in a studio that looks very similar to the apartment setting of the previous music videos. While the choreography is different than the other clips, this one still showcases Ziegler’s eye-catching style and innate sense of movement. Watch the clip below.