How to choose the most suitable furniture materials

How to choose the most suitable furniture materials? Each of us wants to decorate the atmosphere, we all want to put on a little atmosphere, but we are novices when buying furniture. There are many types and styles when we buy furniture. Picking the right one at a time is not easy.

According to the overall layout theme, what kind of furniture materials should we choose to buy and find the style that suits our home. Let’s take a look today!

hardwood furniture

The Chinese style is mainly made of hardwood furniture such as red sandalwood, huanghuali and mahogany. Hardwood is a precious wood. Wood is hard and elastic, with beautiful color, texture and aesthetics.

Generally, hardwood species are used to make various types of hardwood furniture. Oil-free smudge, fully reflect the natural texture and color of wood. The wooden frame structure has a light natural wood fragrance.

cloth furniture

Some sofas are made of cloth, which is convenient and cost-effective. The disadvantage is that the service life is short, and the accumulation of sitting for many years will deform.

leather furniture

Pure leather or leather sofas are also very popular.

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