The Most Technology Designs of 2022

Looking back on 2021, it is also a very unsettled year. Humans are still fighting against the spread of the epidemic. The travel that used to say you want to go has now become a luxury. Under the severe epidemic, people are no longer restless.

When everything slows down, technologies such as VR, 3D printing, and digital twins are developing more and more vigorously, and are deeply integrated into all aspects of society. Bringing unusual changes to people’s work and life, combining technology with the development of the design industry.

While promoting the development of the design industry, it also brings people into a wonderful world. What used to happen only in movies and science fiction novels has now evolved into reality with the help of technology, and the works left behind have become people’s hearts. supply.

01 Virtual Reality: Creating an Immersive Experience

2021 is the first year of the outbreak of virtual reality, and many species that were rarely mentioned before appear frequently in front of us, such as virtual idols, virtual anchors, metaverse, fashion catwalks, etc.

Virtual reality is a real-time interactive three-dimensional graphical interface, which can generate a more harmonious information with human-computer interaction ability that is similar to the objective environment and surpasses the objective time and space, and can be immersed and controlled according to the designer’s conception. Display mode.

Facebook launched a new VR conferencing software called Horizon Workrooms in August, which features a feature that allows users to use their virtual avatars to collaborate with others in the same virtual space, creating a new immersive meeting experience.

In the post-epidemic era, tech giants and fashion industry giants are constantly making breakthroughs and innovations, building a virtual fantasy world that is connected to the physical world in a new way and mirroring the real physical world. In October of this year, facebook changed its name to Meta and devoted itself to metaverse research.

And in car design, virtual reality will make car design more sustainable. Using VR technology, designers only need to wear a virtual reality helmet to design a virtual car model in a virtual space, which can strengthen the designer’s control over the overall and details of the car, and make adjustments to the vehicle model and details in real time. in order to achieve the best condition.

During the pandemic, design studio Space Popular created a virtual reality gallery for the Architectural Association to navigate the gallery, where visitors can see 60 artworks displayed in circular rooms arranged on multiple levels on, like an amphitheater.

In 2021, Crypto Fashion Week showcased the first virtual Meta Gala for the first time, virtual dresses presented by avatars on a grand staircase, hovering freely in the clouds in a castle-like environment, the lines between the real and virtual worlds are increasingly blurred .

The display design of virtual reality is a kind of transcendence and enrichment of reality. The development of contemporary science and technology provides conditions and paths for this form of display design. With the further development of virtual technology, the design will have a wider space for creation.

02 3D printing: enabling rapid modeling

The difference between 3D printing technology and traditional printing technology is that 3D printing technology can make printed objects three-dimensional, so that they can be displayed more vividly. This new species of 3D printing is widely used in various fields, creating more possibilities for art and design.

Compared with traditional processes, the advantages brought by 3D printing technology to the automotive design industry cannot be underestimated. Using 3D printing technology, concept models can be produced in hours or days. Due to the rapid prototyping characteristics of 3D printing, car manufacturers can apply it to the research and development of car shape design.

Compared with traditional hand-made clay models, 3D printing can more accurately convert 3D design drawings into real objects, and it takes less time to improve the production efficiency of the car design level.

For consumers’ personalized customization needs, automobile companies can also provide cost-effective solutions by using 3D printing technology. For example, consumers want to make their new car look and interior different.

If the traditional process is used to open a new mold, the cost is hundreds of thousands of yuan, but using 3D printing for rapid prototyping, there is no need to manufacture additional molds, maximizing the production process and reducing costs.

3D printing applications in the construction industry can also help architects to 3D print architectural models faster and with less effort to produce high-quality models, and they can flexibly display their designs and ideas using a variety of materials.

Dior’s concept store at the Four Seasons Hotel at Jumeirah Beach in Dubai is an ecological residential space built using natural materials clay, sand and virgin fibers by creating modules through 3D printing. The design of the store combines the local landforms of Dubai and the local customs of the Middle East to create two exquisite cylindrical buildings.

This fusion of technology and traditional S/VASI vase series fully demonstrates the characteristics of 3D printing in terms of shape and rapid production. The printer starts to move and extrudes continuous material lines according to the computer data. The designer takes the shape after the completion of the firing, and finally paints and glazes it. Each procedure is indispensable.

3D printing technology has made it possible to print creative designs into reality. Works full of technology and mystery bring us a refreshing experience and also change our lives.

Modern design is not only a competition of creativity and craftsmanship, but more and more technological elements are reflected in the design, making the design more humanized, more interesting and more interactive.

Design often becomes more imaginative with the addition of technology, and life also becomes colorful with the innovation of design. Therefore, technology-enabled design will bring about a different future, let us look forward to it together!



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