Top 6 Best Product Designs For The Elderly

With the increasingly serious problem of social aging in various countries, more and more products “designed for the elderly” have emerged.

The following six product designs related to the elderly group hope to bring you more inspiration and thinking: How will technology and design serve the life of the elderly in the future?

01 Elderly Cradle First Aid Wearable

Smart wearable devices are nothing new for young people, and all kinds of smart watches and bracelets can be seen everywhere on the street. Although smart wearable devices are a trend that young people love to chase, their functional features such as heart rate monitoring and fall alarm are more suitable for the elderly.

The Cradle emergency wearable device combines the usage habits of the elderly, and has technically upgraded the product function and product performance, which can be operated through a single point of interaction.

Wearing it on the ear not only ensures the aesthetics of the wearing, but also provides an intuitive prompt for the elderly to detect abnormalities before potential danger occurs.

02 EasyPill Intelligent Cloud Medical System

The elderly are a high-risk group of diseases. The decline of physical function makes the elderly more or less troubled by some chronic diseases. It seems that taking medicine every day has become the daily routine of many elderly people. As a result, a smart pillbox designed based on the “Internet of Things” was born.

EasyPill is an intelligent cloud medical system consisting of pill reminder Pillpad, proprietary application and cloud database. When using, the medicine is placed on the Pillpad, and the taking time is set through the app. When a certain medicine needs to be taken, the Pillpad will light up to notify the elderly.

At the same time, Pillpad will monitor the medication situation and upload the data to the cloud, optimize the medication plan by collecting data, and improve medical efficiency.

03 Elderly crutches

This crutch is specially designed for the elderly. After pressing, it will stretch and rebound. When the elderly cannot stand or walk quickly due to physical inconvenience, this crutch can quickly help them solve this problem, and is very conducive to muscle exercise. .

04 Light Bell

When someone rings the doorbell, the “light bell” can repeat the lights on and off five times. Elderly people who are hard of hearing can detect a guest’s visit by changing the lights.

05 Liftware Level Anti-shake Electric Scoop

Older adults are at a high risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, which is characterized by muscle stiffness, slowed movements, and involuntary shaking of the hands or mouth when stationary.

Patients often experience uncontrollable shaking of hands as soon as they pick up the spoon, making meals extremely difficult. To solve this problem, Google subsidiary Liftware launched a special spoon.

The Liftware Level Anti-Shake Electric Scoop has a rubber strap at the end that can be tied around the user’s hand to prevent it from falling off. When taking food, the spoon can sense the user’s hand movements through the built-in chip and sensor, and the automatic correction device will continuously adjust and maintain the balance to prevent the food from spilling as much as possible.



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