The Best Minimalist and Uniquely Aesthetic Furniture Designs of 2022

Dmitry Kozinenko is a young Ukrainian furniture designer, most notable for his vision-distorting creativity. Dmitry Kozinenko’s furniture is simple, yet creates unexpected visual effects.

Most of his works use simple hollows and abstract shadows to create optical illusions, bringing fun and unexpected surprises to ordinary homes.

Although many of his designs are still conceptual, they can always gather a lot of attention on the Internet after they are published.

It is believed that they all have the potential to enter the real production stage, not only because of their relatively simple structure, but also because of their unique aesthetic style that has won the hearts of the people.

I specially selected a few products that are extremely visual in Dmitry Kozinenko’s works to introduce, let’s take a look!

01 Sunny

Sunny is a set of side tables and shelves with its own shadow. Dmitry Kozinenko was very talented in making a flat 45 degree projection with the same material and color on both sides, much like the effect of a long shadow in a flat design.

It creates an illusion that in the afternoon on a sunny day, the bright sun shines into the house, and the tables and shelves have left shadows on the ground and walls.

These shades, in addition to having a decorative effect, enhance the visual impact of the furniture, but also enhance its structural stability. Plus, the 45-degree shading allows two tables in the corner to fit together.

02 In the Fog

In the Fog is a modular set of shelving that can be combined in the right color and shape for a specific space. This series simulates the effect of colored metal shelves disappearing in the mist through the simple circular cutout.

These circles start from one end of the shelf and gradually spread to the other end, from small to large, from sparse to dense, and the difference between the initial circle and the last circle is 20 times in size.

These shelves can be placed on the ground or hung on the wall, either vertically or horizontally, and users can freely combine them.

03 Windy

The Windy collection consists of a set of coffee tables, side tables and freestanding shelving units. They are cleverly designed to look like they are fluttering under strong winds. This overall effect is maintained even when a few are put together.

The collection is also available in a variety of colours, from bold and bright to muted, to complement different interior styles.

04 Coin

The Coin Round Table is an experimental attempt at a simple, familiar shape. The table is surrounded by an angled edging that creates an unsettling slant that looks like something is about to fall off the table.

However, the table top is actually horizontal, so you can safely put things on it. It looks especially interesting if you combine several round tables of different diameters and heights. The overall shape is very simple, which is very suitable for Chubby who likes the cold Nordic style.

05 Field

Field is a very simple shelf made of slender metal rods. There are curved places on it to put vases, books or other items. When viewed from the front, everything in front of the background consists of vertical lines floating in mid-air.

When viewed from the side, it looks a bit like an iron cover on a windowsill, leaning against the wall at an angle.

Which one of the above do you like best? I like Sunny the most, full of sunshine and full of energy. How about you?







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