Choosing a Table Lamp for Your Workspace

table lamp vs desk lamp

When choosing a lamp for your workspace, it’s important to choose one that’s both stylish and functional. While a traditional desk lamp will light up your workstation, a table lamp offers greater versatility and can be used in other areas as well.

If you have a large or small desk, choose a lamp that has a swivel base and flexible arm or elbow joint, or one with a clamp-on design like the Globe Electric 56963. This allows you to easily adjust the height of the lamp without having to move your entire desk. If you’re not comfortable with a swivel base or an elbow joint, consider an adjustable-arm design that pivots at the neck for easy movement.

For those who are looking for an edgy, industrial design with simple controls, the LEPower Metal Desk Lamp is a good option. It has a metal base and uses basic household light bulbs. It’s also relatively compact, so it won’t take up a lot of room on your desk.

Another popular choice is the Dyson Lightcycle Morph Desk Lamp. This lamp is compatible with smart home devices and automatically changes its brightness depending on the time of day. You can set it to provide ambient lighting or a specific amount of light, and it has an adjustable dimmer to help control the mood.

LED: If you’re concerned about the environment, look for lamps that use LED bulbs. These are much more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs and typically last a long time. They’re also much less likely to break or burn out, making them a good choice for those who work on the computer.

Wood: If you want to add a rustic element to your workstation, look for a wooden lamp that features walnut or oak. These types of wood are also durable and can be polished to a beautiful finish, which will add to the appeal of your desk lamp.

Ceramic: A ceramic table lamp can be a spherical shape or a more sculptural model with a hand-blown glass shade. Whether you opt for a ceramic base or a more classic style, your lamp should blend in well with the rest of your furniture and decor.

Monitor Light Bars: A monitor light bar is a great addition to your desk lamp if you want to increase your visibility while working. These lights bars provide exceptional contrast and improve your ability to read, write, or perform other tasks. They’re also a convenient option for those who work in low-light environments or don’t have backlighting on their keyboards.

Other Modern Features: Several modern desk lamps have other features that will make your life easier. For example, some offer motion sensors to detect when you’re leaving the office or coming in and turn off the light. Others have an adjustable illumination angle or height, or even a USB port for charging your electronics.

Lastly, some modern desk lamps feature a built-in wireless charging pad that will juice up your Qi-compatible smartphone while you’re working. This will save you table space and tangle-free wires while you’re catching up on emails or writing that important report.