Dform Lighting – The Light Fixture of the Borough

dform lighting

The dform lights isn’t the only thing on the company’s ilk. Dform does a brisk trade in custom lighting solutions, and the company isn’t exactly shy about sharing its wares. The company’s offerings are among the most unique and impressive in the borough. Founded in 2001, dform lighting has grown to be a formidable competitor in the highly competitive Brooklyn light bulb game. Its lighting innovations include a stellar line of pendants, floor lamps, sconces, and lamps of all sizes. The company’s lighting innovations owe their allegiance to a tenacious and effervescent team. In fact, dform is so competitive that they renamed their dform lights division to dform lights to help them refocus their efforts on the company’s flagship lighting solutions. To date, dform lights has won a slew of industry accolades including Best Lighting Solutions and Best Light Fixture in the boroughs, Best Lighting Solutions of New York City and Best Lighting Solutions of New York City. So who knows, dform may be the next big thing in the dform lights department. So who knows, you might just have your own dform lights lighting solution in the near future.