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suspension osier

A suspension en osier is a kind of suspension that can be left outside. It is very decorative, but if you leave it outside, make sure to renter it and decroch it every winter. You can use an ampoule classique type E27 to light it. The advantage of this type of light is that it can be used without the danger of fire.


The Rotin suspension osier is an eco-friendly light fixture that will add charm to your room. Its design is made of rotin with a spiral pattern, making it a beautiful source of light. It can be placed over any room and is the perfect addition to any interior design. Because it is made from natural materials, it won’t affect the environment or cause any adverse effects.


Bambou is a sustainable natural fabric that grows very fast and is extremely durable. It is also renewable – bambou pousses regenerate themselves every four to six years – and is commonly used for home decor, lamps and furniture. IKEA, for instance, uses it in their products for furniture and bathroom accessories. It is also versatile and can be used to create a unique look for your home.

Libellule en osier

The Libellule en oser is an essential element of the bath-day ritual. Made of osier and bambou, this item is beautiful and unique in its genre. It is also an excellent ceiling decoration or suspension luminaire. It can add an authentic touch to the interiors of your bathroom.

Suspension en osier

Suspension en osier is a suspension made of osier. It is a lightweight and unique type of suspension, perfect for personal use or decoration. Its soft and natural color matches well with california or ethnic interiors, and it can be made in any shape and size.

Adding a touch of art to a suspension osier

A suspension oyster is a decorative light fixture that can be added to a modern or classic home. This pendant light features a circular form with an E26 light source and beautiful symmetry. This suspension light can be purchased in either a Black or White finish to match the decor of any room.

Choosing a suspension osier

A suspension oyster is typically suspended by a buoy. This allows it to float under water and rise and fall with the tides. A typical suspension oyster is plump and firm. This type of oyster has a high brine content, which some people don’t like.