Danish Vintage Lighting

danish vintage lighting

If you are in the market for vintage lighting, you may be interested in Danish vintage lighting. It is a great way to add unique style to your home. You can get these types of lights from several different companies. You can choose from designs by famous Danish architects, designers, and writers, such as Poul Henningsen.


This pendant light is a great example of vintage Danish design. Made from aluminum, it has been finished in a vintage off white finish. It is a genuine vintage item produced by Danish Lighting company JEKA. It is slightly deviated at the rim and measures 235mm across and 200mm deep. It comes with a top fitting and a white plastic-coated dual insulated cord. It is recommended that you have a qualified electrician install it.

The Jeka Verona lamp is a classic example of Danish vintage lighting. The construction of the lamp makes it difficult to look directly into the light, but it provides a softer light. The lamp is in good shape, although the wiring has been renewed. The lamp measures 27.5 cm in diameter and 20 cm high.

Poul Henningsen

If you’re looking for beautiful vintage lighting, you might want to take a look at Poul Henningsen’s designs. Henningsen was a well-known architect, designer, and cultural critic. His legacy is now integrated into the work of Louis Poulsen, who aims to shape light into shapes and textures. Henningsen was born in Copenhagen in 1894. He began his career as an architect and studied at Copenhagen’s technical college. After graduating, he started practicing traditional functionalist architecture, but over the years, he shifted his focus to lighting.

Poul Henningsen’s name is synonymous with the very best Scandinavian lighting. His fixtures often feature tiered or layered shades and naturalistic arrangements. The architect spent 10 years developing his “PH” lamps, which were widely acclaimed when they were introduced at the 1925 Paris Exposition. Upon their debut, they became immensely popular and were sold all over the world.

Poul Henningsen was a prolific designer, designing more than 100 lighting designs over his career. Among his best-known works are the Septima pendant, which is made of one ribbon of enameled aluminum, and the Artichoke lamp, which has 70 glass and metal fins. All of these designs are functional as well as beautiful.

Poul Henningsen’s work is widely recognized and revered among design enthusiasts worldwide. It is included in several design museum collections including the Museum of Decorative Arts in Copenhagen and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. His lifelong collaboration with Louis Poulsen continues to benefit the company today. The Danish designer pioneered light structures and studied color reproduction and shadows. He also studied man’s need for light.

The PH Table Lamp features an intricate tiered shade with mouth-blown opal glass. The opal glass diffuser is glossy on top and matte on bottom for subtly diffused light. Louis Poulsen and Poul Henningsen established their lifelong collaboration in 1925. Henningsen was a visionary in the field of Danish design, as well as an architect and a writer.