Miguel Mila Lamps

miguel mila lamp

To make the Miguel Mila lamp, the designer separated its different components: the shade, the structure and the electrical components. The result is a unique lighting fixture. Its minimalist design is both beautiful and functional, and has become one of the most popular types of lamps. The lamp is perfect for a contemporary home or office, and is also a good choice for travel.

Cesta lamp

Inspired by traditional Spanish lanterns, Miguel Mila designed the Cesta lamp. This table lamp has a cherry wood structure and an opal glass shade. It can be set on a tabletop or floor, and its dimmer controls allow you to control the amount of light emitted from it. Other members of the Cesta family include the Wally wall lamp and the Cestita Metalica table lamp. These pieces all convey the warmth and happiness typical of Mediterranean living.

Inspired by traditional lanterns, the Cesta Lamp was designed by Miguel Mila in 1962. It features a cherry wood structure with an inner ball of light. It can be placed on a tabletop or floor, and is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Originally, the lamp’s structure and ball of light were made from Manila cane. However, in 1996, the lamp was updated by Santa & Cole and now has a heat-curved cherry wood base and an opal crystal ball. The Cesta also comes with an on-off switch.

Cestita lamp

The Miguel Mila Cestita lamp was created more than 50 years ago, and has become an iconic design. The lamp combines traditional materials with modern functionality, allowing users to place it in any setting. The Cestita is also cordless, and can be left outdoors for years without recharging.

The Cesta lamp by Miguel Mila is a classic piece that is suitable for floors and tabletops alike. Its cherry wooden structure supports its shade, which is handcrafted by European craftsmen. It’s hand-polished and crafted to perfection using traditional steam bending techniques, but maintains a contemporary design.

Cestita bateria

The portable, cordless Cestita Bateria from Miguel Mila is a perfect example of how to combine craftsmanship and technology. The base of this lamp is handcrafted from cherry wood and features an integrated LED with three intensity settings. The light source is supplied by a rechargeable lithium battery, which lasts anywhere from five to twenty-four hours. This versatile lamp can fit into contemporary decor in any room.

The Miguel Mila Lamp Cestita Bateria was designed by a Spanish designer who was born in 1931. He is regarded as one of the pioneers of Spanish design. In his lifetime, he has won many awards. In 1961, he received the ADI-FAD Golden Delta Award for his work. Other awards include the Creu de Sant Jordi, the National Design Award, the Creu de Sant Jordi, and the Medal of Gold Merit of Fine Arts.

TMM table lamp

The TMM table lamp by Miguel Mila is a height-adjustable lamp. The lamp’s cross-shaped base supports a drum-shaped shade and is made from beech, walnut, or wenge wood. A white-parchment shade covers the square shaft.

Developed in 1961, this modernist lamp has a wooden base and a round sconce that looks like a flag on a mast. The shade can be moved up or down the shaft, and a simple rubber ring holds it in place.

Cesta metalica table lamp

The Cesta Metalica table lamp is a more modern take on Miguel Mila’s iconic globe table lamp. Its steel base features a smooth leather handle that contrasts with the robust steel structure. The opal glass globe, which features a white opal finish, is held in place without a neck. The Cesta is 42 cm tall and has a diameter of 35 cm. The light is dimmable with LED technology.

This light is ideal for floor or tabletop use, and it has a sturdy, lightweight construction for easy mobility. The opal-glass shade is encased in a cherry wooden structure. It is handcrafted by European artisans using traditional steam-bending and delicate polishing techniques. A natural leather handle adds to its portability.


This Miguel Mila lamp Cesta is one of the larger models in the Cesta series. It was designed in 1962 by Miguel Mila and features a unique opal-white glass shade and a cherry wood structure. It is produced by hand by European artisans, who use delicate polishing and steam bending techniques to create a sturdy piece of furniture.

The Cesta Table Lamp is an iconic piece, and is designed to evoke traditional lanterns. Its design is inspired by the traditional lanterns used in coastal homes, country estates, and open terraces. The design features a cherry wooden structure that houses a beautiful opal globe. The lamp is controlled with a dimmer, which allows you to adjust the brightness.