Fashion and Design Center's story

go to: Fashion design schoolAfter many years of experience the Fashion Design School in Cairo, currently under the Ministry of Industry and Technological Development, is collaborating with the Istituto di Moda Burgo (Italy), the Italian Fashion design school, with 40 years experience has made possible to establish a new branch in Cairo in order to create new professional expert in the Fashion Field.



The teachers have been selected from the most professional people in the sector, moreover the Center has got already and will be visited by Italian experts periodically in order to follow up the accomplishment of Istituto di Moda Burgo's programs and because of their innovative ideas they will improve the teaching method in order to provide the most efficient knowledge to all our students.





The goal

This is the main goal of the Fashion and Design Centre to have the same kind of European Fashion reality and allow Cairo to become a world landmark and a cosmopolitan, modern and dynamic city.
In the near future, furthermore, we will be able to increase the number of qualified people ready to work in the Fashion Industries, who will receive an original Diploma from Istituto di Moda Burgo, signed by Mr. Fernando Burgo himself, and which is valid all over the world.



fashion booksBooks

Our courses are in the vanguard, thanks to our educational materials, brought up to date by Istituto di Moda Burgo's expert represents what's the best in our market.
The educational material which consists of books, rulers and drawing curves are created and edited by Fernando Burgo himself.
See our fashion design book and pattern making book




At the end of the year the student will have an examination through external fashion experts, to who he/she will present a collection of 12/15 fashion design together with flat drawings, for the Fashion design one.
For the pattern making examination instead the student has to be able to bring a complete finished garment, plus a book of pattern she/she has created during the academic year.

Special Project

The Fashion and Design Centre has moreover undertaken special project for training and consultation in Saint Katherine ( in South Sinai) and Siwa ( Western Egyptian Desert) to maintain and develop the Cultural Dress Heritage , through courses for Fashion Design and Pattern Making for the Bedouins and the Berbers women living in the desert.
The result obtained was the creation of a collection unique in its kind to be marketable in Europe, which has been already celebrated twice in Sharm El Sheik in September 2003 in Moovempick Conference Centre and in May 2004 in the extraordinary venue of Sound and Light in the Pyramids, event which was organized under the Auspices of H.E. Mrs. Suzanne Mubarack, and to which participated Egyptian Ministers and the Italian Ambassador H.E. Antonio Badini together with Ambassadors of the different European Countries and all the Egyptian and Italian Cultural world, with the honour of having as guest the famous Italian Fashion House Missoni, which presented his fiftieth year anniversary collection, with a special caftans collection and some of the Fall/Winter 2005 collection.

The Fashion and Design Centre is in addition about to start new Projects in the Area of El Areesh (North Sinai) and Aswan ( Upper Egypt) in order to train other group of Bedouin Women whom are intending to develop and promote their unique and genuine styles.


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